Motorcycles & Bicycles

Once again I found myself in need of transport but with very little money. So when a motorbike pops up for a couple of hundred quid, the question arises: Why not? The answer: because it's a lot of bloody work. But if something's worth doing it's worth doing well, and in every colour you have to hand. It's also the perfect excuse to get my hand lettering back up to scratch. At least I can say I know this bike better than any other. Here's to future adventures.


What you can do with a week and a bit of spare time... The 'Magneet', named after the now defunct holland bike company, is the Stiling's Workshop solution to advertising on the road. I offered redemption to an old Raleigh Maverick, condemned to the junkyard, for the sum of £7 and saw its true potential. It now has a new life, with pride of place in, and outside of, the workshop.

'The Magneet'