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imperfect toys for imperfect times

'Putt-putt' Boat - Old-Fangled
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All products of Old World Mettle are sold as artworks and are to only be used and bought by adults.

Patented by Mr Thomas Piot 1891

The Putt-Putt (a.k.a. Crazy Boat, Flash-Steamer, Hot-Air-Boat, Pulsating Water Engine Boat, Can-Can-Boot, Knatterboot, Toc-Toc, Puf-Puf, Poof-Poof, Phut-Phut, or Pouet-Pouet) stands as a beautifully simple example of ingenuity.

Handmade in India with recycled tin and available in every flavour, each boat comes with two candles, a burner, instructions, and a damn fine handmade Stiling's box.

From paint runs to scratches and orange peel tops, every boat has defects; but then so do people, it's just called character. They'll all run just fine. Like all good things, look after it and it'll look after you.


How does it work? Magic.

Well, a heat induced vaccum that sucks cold water up one pipe and pushes hot water down the other. The 'putt' comes from the brass diaphragm on the top of the boiler flexing with the expansion and contraction of the mechanism. So basically magic.