Clockwork Locomotive - 60199 - Over-Hauled


Clockwork Locomotive - 60199 - Over-Hauled


A restored, tested and boxed original 60199 clockwork locomotive in good cosmetic condition.

Package includes:

  1. Two Handmade and screen-printed boxes

  2. One locomotive

  3. One matching tender

  4. One key (to wind it up)

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There’s nothing better than using a bonafide antique; a physical piece of English heritage, an archetype of engine-uity at it’s finest. Nothing except one that works. Repaired, tested and boxed right here in the workshop, each locomotive is made ready once again for the eager hands and eyes of people who play - whoever that may be.

Originally made by the Hornby company, these O-Gauge clockwork locos hit the scene in 1920 and kept on evolving until finally running out of steam in the 1960s. So yes, It’s possible to find one that survived the war, a couple of generations of being thrown off tracks (down stairs, shot with air an rifle…) and still runs today.

Now that is something built to last.