...automata are illusions, magic tricks. The best part is that by revealing the workings, people are even more bewildered.

Having grown up alongside two mechanics in the family, with frequent visits to steam fairs and train stations, Jack quickly grew fascinated with bygone engineering that was built to last. Visible mechanisms, cogs, pulleys, wheels and characterful castings have added substance to the style of 'Stiling's Workshop'. His interest was developed with a range of skills acquired from being a maker in his own time and working as a bicycle mechanic for several years. Upon studying at university, Jack's skill base was improved dramatically, enabling him to focus on making original props, mechanical devices and beautifully intricate pieces.


Email:      jack@stilingsworkshop.com

Phone:     07772148897

Pigeon:    Jack Stiling, Loft 6D, The Old Malthouse, Little Anne Street, Bristol, BS2 9EB

Developing further still into making moving sculpture and automata, he has created work for independent performers, museums and galleries around the South West, as well as the film industry. Aside from bringing his own ideas to life, Jack also strives to work among creative communities to offer technical advice and practical services. Alongside local artists and craftspeople, he has taken part in bringing performances from the page to the public, building a diverse range of contraptions to meet unique requirements.