Clockwork Locomotive - 60199 - Over-Hauled

A restored, tested and boxed original 60199 clockwork locomotive in good cosmetic condition.

Package includes:

  1. Two Handmade and screen-printed boxes

  2. One locomotive

  3. One matching tender

  4. One key (to wind it up)

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'Putt-putt' Boat - Old-Fangled

Handmade in India using recycled tin and powered by a small candle it delivers delight in just a few 'putts'. Just add water (to run it on...).

Package includes:

  1. Boat

  2. Two candles

  3. Pipette, candle holder and instructions

  4. Handmade and screen-printed box

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Blunderbuss Racer - 'Bare Bones' - Spick-N-Span

Hot off the press after a feverish autumn of development. Made by hand, in house, in Bristol. This little beauty sees the use of 8 beer cans and a tin of beans, so you can really hit the gas and let 'em fly.

Package includes:

  1. Blunderbuss Racer

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